Thursday, 02 April 2020

The 1976 Tripoli Agreement was signed on December 23, 1976 in TripoliLibya by Carmelo Z. Barbero, representing the Government of the Philippines and Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front.[1] The agreement defined autonomous administrative divisions for Muslims in the southern Philippines, the establishment of an autonomous government, judicial system for Sharia law and special security forces, and the observance of a ceasefire.[2] The autonomous region was to have its own economic system, including an Islamic bank.[3]

A month after the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines, the Moro National Liberation Front, led by Nur Misuari, launched a massive offensive in Marawi against the government and followed by a brief occupation of Jolo and Cotabato in 1973.

Agreement Between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and Moro National Liberation Front with the Participation of the Quadripartite Ministerial Commission Members of the Islamic Conference and the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Conference.


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