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The MNLF leadership perceived the downfall of the discredited Aquino III government prior and during the May 2016 national election. The Aquino administration had lost touch with reality and banked on its highly-hyped propaganda of establishing daang matuwid (straight path) program. Yet, it operated on the immoral basis of pork barrel system that affected all branches of government –executive, legislative, judiciary and military.

The controversial impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona of the Philippine Supreme Court and the Janet Lim-Napoles senate hearing and court trial under the Aquino regime revealed the extensive massive corruption of Filipino lawmakers, including the different national department officialdom. The daang matuwid theme became overnight daang sarado, according to Philippine media. But President BS Aquino III ignored the people’s wrath and anger calling for his resignation. He further schemed in continuing his misguided political will to survive the daang matuwid creed even after his corrupt-prone 6-year political reign.

The Aquino regime maneuvered to put in place its “political clone” Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas II, president of the Liberal Party (LP) and once Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication as well as Department of Interior and Local Government, as standard bearer of LP/daang matuwid for the 2016 electoral process.

On this political development, the domestic and overseas Filipino workers strongly clamored for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo D. Duterte to run for the presidency. Together with the overwhelming mass supporters, professionals, women and youth sectors inside the islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, they voluntarily contributed their share to convince him to join the presidential race.


The day when Mayor Duterte categorically decided to run under the political party Laban Demokratiko Pilipino (LDP), there was worldwide joyous celebration by OFWs. From overseas, the workers shared their overwhelming support with their family members inside the Philippines by appealing to their loved ones to vigorously campaign for 2016 President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. They voluntarily contributed propaganda materials and monetary assistance in proving their trust and confidence on the Mindanao-based iconic political leader whose political rallying credo from the beginning is genuine reformative change.

Indeed, the relentless war on massive corruption in government and illegal drug/shabu trade and criminality in every street corner became his campaign rallying point throughout the Philippine archipelago. 

Concerned Overseas Filipino Workers even personally wrote letters to MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari to warn the Filipino and Bangsamoro communities that the Aquino III government was bent to conduct mass cheating during the May 9, 2016 national election. Strangely, it was pointed out that the COMELEC-contracted Smartmatic machines were programmed only to read sample ballots bearing LP/daan matuwid and nothing else. Indeed, it was quite strange why the political organization tag ‘Liberal Party (LP)’ was not directly used similar to other participatory political parties in the national election.

The MNLF leadership took the painful task in warning both the Filipino and Muslim/Lumad electorate of this electoral deceit. The MNLF chairman also weighed in on the international media the wisdom of electing president the Davao City mayor, who became openly vocal to point out the injustice committed by the Manila government on the Bangsamoro people of Mindanao.

In all his campaign sorties, the first ever Mindanao-based presidential candidate always pledged to achieve peace and justice that Imperial Manila rulers repeatedly betrayed in the past. And too elsewhere in the whole Philippines by ending the AFP-NDF/NPA war for the peace and prosperity of the nation.

On the 2016 electoral process and aftermath, the rest is history.


The 100 days of the Duterte government capsulized the relentless war against the eradication of illegal drug trade and endemic massive corruption in all branches of government.

Indeed, majority of the masses felt the positive drastic change in their daily lives, including walking safe and sound in street corners and transacting official matters in government offices. The Duterte government has transformed Malacanang (president’s official residence) into “people’s palace” in serving notice that the people’s voice and welfare is of paramount importance.

The Duterte government also prioritized the institution of peace, public order and security by immediately opening peace talks with the National Democrtaic Front (NDF) revolutionaries and the Bangsamoro freedom fighters. The peace negotiations in Norway between the government and NDF peace panelists have so far produced positive result that could end achieving peace for both the Filipino combatants.

On the prospect of the MNLF-Duterte government actual peace talks, President Rodrigo Duterte and MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari have still to meet personally for the substantial phase of the meaningful peace process. But the MNLF-Duterte government relationship has established positive measures in laying out the ground for any formal peace talks. Both the Mindanao-based Filipino leader and Bangsamoro chieftain have together coordinated in saving the lives of foreign kidnap victims by the Abu Sayyaf group.


CHAIRMAN NUR MISUARI AND PRESIDENT RODRIGO R. DUTERTE: Both Mindanao-based Filipino President Rodrigo R. Duterte and MNLF Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari have established a cordial working relationship to finally achieve just and lasting Mindanao peace for the Tri-People (Lumad, Muslim and Christian) of Mindanao. The crucial face-to-face meeting and peace dialogue of the two Mindanao leaders is now eagerly awaited by all peace stakeholders.

In September, 2016, President Duterte personally sought the help of Chairman Misuari related to the safe release of Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad and the three Indonesian kidnap victims Lorens Koten, Teo Doros Kofong and Emmanuel Arakian. The Norwegian was abducted in Davao on September 2015 along with a Filipina girlfriend and two Canadians, John Ridsdell and Robert Hall, who were beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf group for not coming up with the demand kidnap ransom money.


The MNLF chairman had to mobilize thousand-strong Bangsamoro Armed Forces (BAF) fighters to pursue and pressure the mobile Abu Sayyaf group to release the kidnap for ransom victims from captivity. Similar MNLF military operation was also conducted earlier against the Abu Sayyaf abductors that led to the safe release of nine Indonesian kidnap victims when the Indonesian government asked the help of the MNLF chairman.

In Mindanao, the threat of kidnapping activities by the Abu Sayyaf group was never given adequate solution by the preceding Manila-based political leaders except only through frequent aborted dismal military operations coupled with bombastic press releases.

Today, it is remotely possible that the Duterte government with the help of the MNLF freedom fighters could formulate remedial measures to institute Mindanao peace to end kidnapping activities in Mindanao minus the interference of outside foreign colonizers.

Thus, on the political course of action taken by the Duterte government to chart an independent foreign policy and not to rely on American imperialism, the MNLF leadership has favorably viewed this cornerstone a positive sign for achieving Mindanao peace.

Indeed, enough is enough for the “global terrorism scare” strangely projected by American policy to justify only the presence of U.S. military war-mongers in war-torn Mindanao!

On this note, the Mindanao-based Filipino leader and the Bangsamoro leader have really to meet and talk in order to decide on the final course of action towards achieving total Mindanao peace.

MNLF DAVAO CITY CHAIRMAN ABDULAZIZ OLAMIT: Chairman Abdulaziz Olamit of the MNLF Davao City Revolutionary Committee cum Acting Vice-Chairman of the MNLF Central Committee has pointed out that the Manila-based political leaders have repeatedly betrayed Mindanao peace. He has stressed the fact that peace talks have been conducted in forging international peace agreements, but the peace treaties have not been completely implemented except only the implementation of artificial Philippine version autonomy.

Hence, it is on this positive end, according to MNLF Davao City Chairman and concurrently Acting Vice-Chairman of the MNLF Central Committee, Abdulaziz Olamit, that “the MNLF-Duterte government peace talks is eagerly anticipated and expected by all peace stakeholders.”

He has also emphasized that the forthcoming personal meeting in Davao City or elsewhere in Mindanao of the two leaders shall jump start the peaceful journey of the Filipino president and MNLF chairman to achieve just, meaningful and durable Mindanao peace that the past Manila-based political leaders repeatedly betrayed in the past. –osm/  

(To be continued)

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