Wednesday, 01 April 2020

The MNLF leadership perceived the downfall of the discredited Aquino III government prior and during the May 2016 national election. The Aquino administration had lost touch with reality and banked on its highly-hyped propaganda of establishing daang matuwid (straight path) program. Yet, it operated on the immoral basis of pork barrel system that affected all branches of government –executive, legislative, judiciary and military.

Faith, struggle and the Tausugs


This is a narrative about faith, sacrifice, bravery, heroism, and freedom that until now is as fresh and as vibrant as the colors of the paintings or the details of the sculptures that depict the life of the great people of Sulu.

It all started when Abubakar arrived in Buansa in Sulu and later – in 1457 – married the daughter of Rajah Baguinda, Dayang Param Isuli.

According to the tarsilas, Abubakar became a Sultan of Buansa and ruled over the Sultanate.


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