Thursday, 12 December 2019


After his meeting with MNLF Founding Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari, President Rodrigo Duterte said that he has one last revolution, and that is with the MNLF. We are not talking about war here.

The possibility of war is almost impossible and far from happening simply because both the President and Chairman Misuari have one thing in common and that is both are strong advocates of Federalism. Both respect each other so much and therefore no reason for them to wage war against each other.

In that meeting, one of the lawyers of Chairman Misuari who was present said “ I was there when Maas Nur made his piece. I witnessed how the good president responded to the words of the former. It wasn't hostile at all. Chairman Nur, for those who know him, is a very calculating person, and a man of respect. Not a single word uttered can be construed as an affront to the President, to his office or to the public. The two leaders were quite cordial to each other from the beginning, until the meeting ended..... Chairman Nur will not fight the president. In the most unfortunate event there is war, it is hoped that the two leaders will take the same side”, In Sha Allah.

The President wants Federalism to be implemented before the end of his term. Chairman Misuari on the other hand has publicly asked the President to give Federalism to the Bangsamoro. Both leaders believe that the shift to Federal form of government will turn the country into a progressive and highly developed Philippines.

Therefore, the future of this country is now in the hands of the Filipino people. We the Filipino people must support the shift from unitary to Federal-Presidential form of government. The more than 16 million Filipinos who voted and still trust President Duterte and the Bangsamoro must unite and support federalism.

With PRRD and Chairman Misuari both supporting federalism, we have come to a time that we need to act all together for our future, the future of the generations to come. This is not about Chairman Misuari nor about President Duterte. This is about our future and the future of our great grandchildren who will come after us.

Nobody wants war. All of us want peace. If there are two leaders who hate war but love peace, they are President Duterte and Chairman Misuari. No leader in his right mind and who love his people will go to war and allow his people to get killed and destroyed his country. Leaders want peace, a peace that is genuine, lasting and just. Remember, Chairman Misuari was a recipient of UN Peace Award together with former President Fidel V. Ramos. A peace awardee, a peace advocate like Chairman Misuari will not go to war especially against President Duterte whom he respects more than anybody else.

Now, we are all responsible for our own future. It so happened at this time federalism is our future with backing from no less than the President and the Chairman of the MNLF. Let’s come together and support these two leaders and see how they will bring peace and prosperity to our country using Federalism.

By: Chuck Abbas


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